Cheshire Cat Knitted Hood Alice in Wonderland Inspired

This gorgeous Cheshire Cat chunky hood is a perfect hood for any cat lover.


The chunky hood is designed to have the long tails worn to hang or wrap around your neck. It has a chain braid down the back with a little drop to a point to match the point on the ears and both have the fluff on the ends as for the real look cats have.

This crochet hood is designed from the famous ALICE IN WONDERLAND CHESHIRE CAT.

30 % wool 70 % acrylic, and is soft to touch.


Hood from face to back of head Width 13" ( 33 cm )

Hood from top of the head to bottom of hood 13" (33 cm)

Tails from bottom of hood to end of tail 23" (58 cm)

Hood and Tails from top of the head down to the end 36" ( 92 cm)


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