A little about me

My Blog is going to be a little different to most. 

I am planing on doing, decorating, gardening and crafting and loads of diy posts. I will be putting photos ups of jobs from all around the house and studio and if anyone wants to ask me a question on how to do something I will try my best to help.

But to start you need to know

Who I am

Well I am Jen at the young age of 55. 

I am single and I live in Melbourne Australia and have 3 children 1 boy 27 and twin boy and girl 21, the twins live with me.

My hobbies and how I got to sell online

I love to craft, just give me something, anything and I will turn it into something, sometimes it is not so good and ends up in the bin but most times it ends up on my web nchantedgifts.com or at the market on the table with me.  It is funny when I make a toy or clothing I always feel so delighted when it goes off to a new home.  

I sell worldwide and have sent to so many different countries and even some places that Mr Google has to tell me where it is. 

I love to do baking but sometimes it is a little difficult to get the baking to taste nice, you ask why? well I am a Coeliac which means I can't eat Gluten.  I became a Coeliac 26 years ago but didn't find out for 6 years and unfortunately that has lead to some major medical issues now, but you have to keep on going, which I do, as you have to live each day the best way you can, and believe me I squeeze so much into a day and love every minute.

Gardening is something else I am passionate about.  I have a large garden which at the time of buying the house in 1993, was just a big empty space with loads of weeds, rubbish and a broken shed.  Over time, blood, sweat and tears I have turned it into what I would say, a paradise to grow old in. 

There are times when my health is bad and I have craft and gardening to do and I think what am I doing here, I should sell and move to something a little smaller, but then I remember why I bought this place and why I love it so much, I kick myself off the lounge and just get on with it. 

My shop (website) is my life line, not only is it my sole income but it has helped me though the toughest times. 

After a failed 18 marriage and being left with 3 children, 1 at 11 and the twins 6 and not having a job for 12 years, as I was raising the children.  I cried for the first month after the hubby left, but then we were running out of money so I got myself together, got in the car and over I went to a dear friend, who helped me write out my resume and from there I sent out hundred's and hundred's trying to get a job but just kept running into a brick wall, being told you are to old or have been out of the working life for to long, then all of a sudden our local Lincraft store which I would buy all my craft items from offered me a job, it was part time but I was over the moon and started straight away. 

With raising the children and running the house and now working I was feeling very lost within myself but just kept on going over the years, after several years at Lincraft I moved onto an office job which I stayed at for around 8 years, then the test of time came, which was doing all of this on my own (no time for me or my craft) I crashed and burned. 

Yes that is right crashed and burned, I had a nervous breakdown to the point of not being able to even spell my name, yeh it was bad so bad that I just shut down and live on the lounge for 6 weeks until I was forced to go to the doctors (I say forced because I didn't think anything was wrong with me, I was just tired) The doctors realized straight away what had happened and from that day, I started my new life of understanding who I am and where I wanted to go. 

I am ashamed to say that with my time trying to raise the children, working and all the other crap that comes from being a single parent day after day with no break, my illness was just getting so out of control, I was taking prescribed painkillers just to get me though each day so I could pay another bill, buy some bread or milk, you know the simple things in life.

Around 3 months after the breakdown I diagnosed with server clinical depression which I still have to this day.  Funny my doctors say that is why I am so creative, but I am not sure about that.  It seems that the more I go into my past I find that depression has always been looming in the back of my sole.

With this information I realized what had happened with the breakdown and I swore I would never go back to what I was doing, even though at that point I didn't know what I was going to do but it wasn't going to be what I use to do.

I was out gardening doing some raking and saw the light, I threw the rake one way and I went the other to start my adventure.  I was going to make craft to sell not just to give away which I had been doing all my life, and that my friends is where nchantedgifts.com came from.

If you would like to know how the idea of Nchanted Gifts became a reality I will be posting that over the next few weeks.

I hope you understand a little about the person behind the craft

Until we meet again


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