Custom Felt Name Bunting


My custom felt name bunting is perfect for new babies nursery décor or your child’s bedroom.

Felt names are customisable – send us a message for custom requests.




All letters are hand cut and stitched in a blanket stitch.

Name and letter banners are both fun and useful as an education tool. Useful as a visual teaching aid for children and effective early learning tools for babies and toddlers.

All felt letters are hand cut and stitched. All letters are threaded with a ribbon to allow easy mounting – hang them on a wall, or anywhere else you like!

Teddy and flowers not included in price (only for display).




Each Lower case letter measures between 10 cm (4 inches) in height and 2 – 3cm (1 – 1 1/2 inches) (width) – this will depend upon the letters. The style for each letter is the same.

Each Upper case letter measures between 18 cm (7 inches) in height and 2 – 3cm (1 – 1 1/2 inches) (width) – this will depend upon the letters.. The style for each letter is the same




Send us a message. Make sure to include the following:

Please state which letters are to be in Capital Letters and Lower Case Letters

S – Llime
w – Lime
e – Mint
e – Dark Green
t – Dark Green

= Sweet

D – Lime
r – Lime
e – Mint
a – Dark Green
m – Dark Green
s – Dark Green

= Green


If you have any questions send me a message

Please make sure to check out my shop policies before purchase! Thanks for buying handmade.




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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 10 cm
Name Banner

Same As Photo, 1 Letter, 2 Letters, 3 Letters, 4 Letters, 5 Letters, 6 Letters, 7 Letters, 8 Letters, 9 Letters, 10 Letters, 11 Letters, 12 Letters, 13 Letters, 14 Letters

Felt Colour

Same As Photo, Colour 1, Colour 2, Colour 3, Colour 4, Colour 5, Colour 6, Colour 7, Colour 8, Colour 9, Colour 10, Colour 11, Colour 12, Colour 13, Colour 14, Colour 15, Colour 16, Colour 17, Colour 18, Colour 19, Colour 20, Colour 21, Colour 22, Colour 23, Colour 24, Colour 25, Colour 26, Colour 27, Colour 28, Colour 29, Colour 30, Colour 31, Colour 32, Colour 33, Colour 34, Colour 35, Colour 36


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Custom Felt Name Bunting


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