Sock Hand Puppet – Zebra Pretend Play

Photo frame is not included, only for use of this display.

Puppet is made with a thick sock, the mouth is movable with foam attached to a board on each side for a comfortable fit for the fingers to move the mouth around, having the foam on the outer side of the mouth also gives the puppet a great shape.

This puppet has black and white striped body, large eyes, big black and pick felt ears, black feathers for hair and little black nostrils . The inside of his mouth is white with a long pink tongue for the inner mouth.

His large eyes are made with ping pong balls with felt as the eyeball.

Puppets can be used for many things like

Educational Toy
Therapy Helper
Best Friend for Home
Kindergarten Teaching
Preschool Teaching
Story Telling


35 cm in Length


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Zebra Hand Puppet, Movable Mou...


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