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Dreamcatcher – wall art , boho wall hanging  for any room.




This dreamcatcher is a simple and beautiful flowered wall hanging. The web is hand woven in a cream coloured cotton thread, blending perfectly to match the cream fabric tightly woven around the ring.

On the side of the ring is a large pink flower, white feathers and small ribbon rosettes. Hanging from the ring are strips of cotton, lace ribbon and wool.

My bohemian dreamcatchers are perfect for any place in your home.

All my dreamcatchers are handmade with much care.

My macramé wall hanging designs come in a range of other amazing colours and designs so please check out my other listings which you can find on the link below.




When a person goes to sleep the dreamcatcher will attract all the dreams.

Nightmares get trapped inside the web.

Good dreams pass through and slide down the feathers to reach the person sleeping.

When morning comes and the dreamcatcher is exposed to light, the bad dreams dissolve and disappear. They cannot survive in daylight.

As the person wakes up he or she feels refreshed after a pleasant and peaceful sleep.




The ring is 25 cm (10″) in diameter. The smaller rings are 6 cm (2.5″)

Total Height from the top of the large ring 125 cm (50″)




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Dimensions 35 × 35 × 6 cm


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